John Carroll – Licensed Psychotherapist – Belfast, Maine


It is our nature to seek connection with others, search for life meaning or purpose, to act with compassion, establish inner stability and calm, and experience creativity, joy, laughter and love. The cumulative stress of our past and current traumas, disappointments, losses and the frantic pace of our personal lives, work and global change can frustrate these innate strivings. At these times psychotherapy may help.

I am a licensed psychotherapist, an LCSW practicing in Maine since 1992. Since 1998 I have maintained a thriving private psychotherapy practice in Belfast, Maine.

My early career experience focused on children, adolescents, adults and families.

My practice is now focused exclusively on adult individuals.

Issues I address with clients:

  • depression, anxiety
  • stress, trauma
  • grief, loss, illness
  • search for meaning, purpose, spiritual practice
  • work, career
  • relationship, communication

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