Symptoms and suffering are surface manifestations of traumas and unresolved developmental issues. They are also sometimes the consequence of daily living. In either case clinical and creative attention through therapy may be needed.

Benefits of therapy

  • Change faulty, limiting beliefs about yourself which keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, chaos, despair.
  • Find hope, clarity, balance, calm.
  • Improve your ability to navigate the complex world of relationships.
  • Increase self awareness, respect and compassion for yourself.
  • Discover or refine meaning and purpose in your life.

Underlying principles of working with you:

  • Creating trust and safety for you through strict confidentiality and healthy boundaries
  • Seeing each person as unique, valuable and capable of changing
  • Approaching your behaviors, emotions and thoughts with empathy, compassion and concern
  • Acting as a guide to help you find answers already within you

My clinical influences and approaches:

  • My integrated approach with you is designed to address conscious and unconscious functioning.
  • Psychodynamic therapy focusing on the influences of parents, family and community which form early patterns of thought and emotion relating to self and others.
  • Cognitive therapy focusing on how our thoughts influence emotions and over time create belief systems.
  • Jungian approaches such as pattern recognition and interpretation of symbols and archetypes as they manifest in dreams, symptoms, life narratives and relationships.

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